Thursday, 6 October 2011

Not quite ready yet!


I am continuously rearranging and rewriting parts of my story so do please bear in mind the chapters to be found on SoundCloud are nothing like the soon-to-be-completed chapters on which I am currently working, re-arranging, and honing to perfection. She says modestly. Hmm... to change things on SoundCloud or leave as is and confuse my two listeners… tough one.

By the by, I had to go round the houses to come on my blog. My fuming is slowly dissipating but why did it take me ten minutes to get in. I’ll tell you! Because of this latest thing where the PC picks up in which country you are and automatically transfers the site into the language of that country! Bloody ridiculous. Just as well I’m not in Japan or I’d really be in trouble… no, I’d suffer it. I’d love to be in Japan. Sigh…