Sunday, 29 May 2011


Well, I don’t know how to begin. I thought of starting it off with “ha! ha! ha!” or “the joke’s on me” except as I’m in Germany that would be “the yoke’s on me” but I’m doing neither.

The ebook cover for my proposed book, it would appear, is going to take a little longer than I’d anticipated - and I thought it would be a relatively simple undertaking. Pick up telephone. Dial number. Speak with professed professional on the other end. Bounce off ideas, as they say, pay my few hundred quid, result: me grinning from my cover. And that would be that.

Wrong! Following a lot of to-ing and fro-ing resulting in my brain turning to instant mashed potato, the conversation finally came to an end whereupon I sat back to catch my breath while awaiting their email of costs. And it came. They want £2000.00 and 2.5% of my sales revenue! You what? They’re having a laugh. Why not take all the profit and be done with it! I have a kidney to spare take that as well why don’t you. Actually, no, I haven’t. I need all my bits as pathetic as they are. I’m still infected with the dreaded lurgy and that’s another story, all to do with superbugs and the Grim Reaper Gherkin of Germany, all of which can be found on my regular blog.

I can see this is going to be a fun journey but I’m on the hunt! I’m determined to be illustrated and illustrated I shall be…!

PS. In between nursing a cat with failing kidneys, he certainly doesn’t have one to spare, and nursing myself, I have been listening to my podcast. To make sure someone does. I’m continuously going over it, the result of which is: “ooh, don’t like that” and “I think I’ll add that funny story there” whereupon I’ve been making minor changes but major improvements on BTN:SMG. Yes! Improvements not just changes. Honest and modest to the end. It’s only taken me fourteen years to write but still I can see myself running after the printer jobby person who’s running away from me. “Just one more change, it’s an improvement, honest! Come back!”

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Okay! Basically… Gordon Bennett! Even when you use up your “free hours” they are omitted from any package you then go on to purchase. And because I’m about 30 minutes short I have to “upgrade” which means spending an additional £220.00 on top of the £72.00 just to podcast my CHAPTER ONE! That works out to one expensive chapter. Basically, this little adventure is taking place because I can't add up (my minutes) to the second, and, basically because I didn't peruse their FAQs beforehand. There is a moral in there somewhere.

To be continued. Meanwhile, I’d like to wish my grandfather, who tenuously started all this in the first place, a very happy birthday.

Ernst Bach
10 May 1876 – 1 November 1929

SOME EXCITING NEWS: I am now involved in ongoing discussions about the design of my ebook cover. Had some photos taken of me last night much to the surprise of passing traffic. I’m to be illustrated! Hope it’s not painful.

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Sunday, 8 May 2011


"Meanwhile, all’s well that… etc., etc., and Chapter One will resurface from having been muzzled within the next few hours. What adventures! I feel like a parent bailing out its wayward offspring."

Did I really say "hours"? Aaah... how sweetly innocent I am in some things. In most things actually but we won't go into that. Chapter One is still muzzled as I can't seem to find that nice person who communicated with me earlier. She's probably resigned. But I am working on it. Saga continues. And Shingy hasn't quite disregarded flashing his claws just yet.   

Meanwhile, feel free to read Chapter One at:

Friday, 6 May 2011


To all you astute ones out there who may have noticed Chapter One is missing from SoundCloud… I can explain! It would appear they have reneged on their Free Time which I am currently trying to get them to give back or else I'll send… well, I'll find someone to send to sort them out except I would but I'm fast running out of my usual which happens to be - cats! One look at those fangs and they fold. 

BUT! Who needs SoundCloud when you can read Chapter One on my BOOK PAGE on my website.

Sincere apologies for this temporary hitch. But I am working on it...

Okay! Have heard back from SoundCloud, appreciate them getting back to me, as some don’t bother… Shingy was sharpening his claws in preparation… basically, MY FAULT! I didn’t read the SMALL PRINT. Apparently when you "upgrade" your Free Time automatically disappears. The moral here is; make sure you use up all your Free Time before buying a package of additional time! As now I have to buy some more.

Trouble is I have a blind side when it comes to anything on the Internet as it’s not exactly ME-friendly. Meanwhile, all’s well that… etc., etc., and Chapter One will resurface from having been muzzled within the next few hours. What adventures! I feel like a parent bailing out its wayward offspring.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

update on podcast


Hello and greetings to you intelligent lot who tuned in to my podcast via this blog or via SoundCloud – – and I hope you enjoyed it.

Like I said, it was bloody hard going, but it was fun delivering it. Especially when doing the different voices! Bit off with the accents now and then, Texas instead of Brisbane, but one got the gist - that it was someone else speaking.

I’d like to say an especially BIG thank you to “Katyhea92 - heathrow, london, Britain, UK” for her comment she left on SoundCloud.

It makes it ALL worthwhile to know someone out there enjoyed my story as that’s what it’s all about. And I really appreciate the fact that she took the time to leave a comment. Thank you, Katy!

Going into discussions about an eye-catching ebook cover is imminent and hopefully within the next few weeks “Bach’s the name: survival’s my game” will be available.Exciting innit! So, I’ll be keeping this blog updated come rain or shine: interpretation - fitting in with the ME - even if I have to get Shingy to do it… aah, we’ll manage between us what with our British bulldog spirit and Margaret Rutherford-type gumption, yes, indeedy, we’ll keep on top of it.

For further information do visit my website, or other blog, at the following:

For now, bye.